Enhance Your Appearance and Step into Modernity by Buying Some Classy Gold Chains

Owning a gold chain is not only profitable, but also gives you a cult status with affluent look. In recent times the fashion industry had numerous classy and trendy gold chains, that became popular and preferred by both women and men. Before, identifying which gold chain suits you the best, let us know about few crucial things that help in picking one.

While buying precious items like diamond rings or mens gold chains, it is essential to know few things such as its purity, weight, composition etc. In case of gold, the 24k is considered as pure gold but it is so soft that it has to be alloyed with some other metals for making gold jewelry. Metals when alloyed with gold give various colors to the gold items such as rose, white gold, bronze and more. For making gold chains other metal is very important and hence you mostly see 22k, 18k, 14k and 10k gold chains only. However, while buying them, find out how many different styles of chains are available.

Different styles of gold chains for every need

  1. Anchor gold chain of 14k can be great 0option for both men and women. The design features continuous interconnection of six sided 3D boxes and it is identified by its length and anchor links diameter. In general for men’s gold chains in this design, large millimeter size is preferable and for women small millimeter fits well.
  2. If you are looking for flat chain that suits every outfit, then herringbone chain is the answer. It is individual chain and doesn’t need any pendant for wearing. The length of this type of chain can be up to 30 inches.
  3. For those who want to flaunt their expensive and large pendants, the box chain is the right one as it is designed toughly to accommodate heavy pendants too. The design features continuous interconnected six sided 3D boxes.
  4. A simple yet strong looking gold chain that suits every occasion is the gold rope chain. The highlight of this chain is its braided fibers. Various variations can also be selected while buying.
  5. Snake chain is sturdy and durable gold chain similar to box chain. It appears very delicate, but is capable to embrace heavy and large pendants and lockets.

Different colors of gold chains

While purchasing mens gold chains you can also select its color that matches your attire. Here are some common colors to search for.

  1. Get an antique look by opting for warm or rose gold chain.  The mixture of copper with gold determines these two colors.
  2. Blue gold chain is another unique color to select and it is combination of indium that is mixed with alloy of aluminum and gold.
  3. Fashionable and popular choice is the black gold chain. It is created in various methods by including elements like black rhodium, amorphous carbon and ruthenium etc.
  4. Green colored gold chain is another stylish pick that is composition of an alloy of 25 percent silver and gold. It can be recognized by its green tints that are visible on the yellow color.
  5. ……..

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